Severe Weather Threat Updated

Severe thunderstorm watch covers much of north Alabama until 9PM. The watch area is roughly along and north of I-59.

*Primary threats include…

Scattered large hail and isolated very large hail events to 2.5

inches in diameter possible

Scattered damaging wind gusts to 70 mph possible

A tornado or two possible

Here’s the watch map.

Meanwhile for the rest of us, SPC continues a Marginal Severe Risk as far south as Layfayette, Pike Road and Greenville.  Damaging winds to 60+ mph possible is a few scattered storms through early this evening until roughly 9PM.


Future Radar shows the most potent storm activity in central and north AL, most likely for the rest of the afternoon, and into the early evening, before the intensity of the storms weaken below severe weather threshold.

Stay Weather Aware.  Our weather app will alert you if there is a weather watch or warning for your location.

More blog updates as needed.  Your next weather video online tomorrow morning at 5.


Two Severe Weather Threats This Week – Monday Video

Good Morning!  Busy week ahead.  Storm Prediction Center says our state has a severe weather threat twice this week.   First up, this evening & tonight.  I’ll have the latest details of what to expect, plus future radar.  Could the Thursday storm system be a bigger deal?   And, the drama continues over the next several days.  Strap your self in. I’ll tell you what we know. Here’s your Monday morning personal weather briefing.

Two severe weather threats this week.  Up first…this evening and tonight.  Strongest threat north of I-59.  Damaging wind gusts are the main threat.

The next threat comes from a powerful storm system Thursday night.  Right now SPC has the severe threat for about 2/3 of the state.  This will be updated, and possibly expanded as this event gets closer.  All modes of severe weather are possible including tornadoes.  Details of this second storm system are still emerging.

Don’t see any late season cold snaps.  The next 16 days look very warm on the GFS moldel.


PARADE OF STORMS: Severe Threat Mon. Nt. & Thur. Nt.

Very active pattern this week, and in fact, for at least the next two weeks.  We have 2 more storm systems on the menu this week.  Both of these have potential severe weather implications for Alabama.  Even next week, the active pattern continues with 2, possibly 3 storm systems in the pipeline.  The main threat windows for Alabama this week are Monday night and again Thursday night.


Both storm system could bring severe storms to parts of Alabama.  Remember, these outlooks from the Storm Prediction Center are likely to change as we get closer to these events and the threat areas may expand.  If fact they probably will.  The most concerning severe weather threat will be the Thursday storm system appears to be the most concerning for the severe weather threat appears to be the Thursday storm system.  All modes of severe weather are possible, including tornadoes.

TODAY:  Partly sunny with risk for a spotty shower or two, perhaps a thunderstorm this afternoon.  High 82.  Tonight’s low 63.

THE WEEK AHEAD:  Should be a warm end to the month of March with highs in the low 80’s.  Chance of showers each day, but the greatest risk of the stronger storms will be Monday night and Thursday night.

ABBY AWARDS LAST NIGHT:  Big night for Bluewater Broadcasting last night in Hoover at the Alabama Broadcaster Association’s Abby Awards.  I was honored to pick up my first 2 Abby’s in my 40 year Montgomery Broadcast career.  We won for Best App and Emerging Technology for the Rich Thomas Weather Network.  Jeff Blake was also honored for Radio Commercial.  It was a great night at the Abby’s.  I am thrilled and honored.

Have a great Sunday.  I’ll see you in the morning for your next video as we get ready for a very busy week.  My alarm goes off at 2.  Your video will be online by 5.


TODAY’S SEVERE THREAT Updated – 3 Storm Systems This Week

Get ready.  We’re in for a very active week and, in fact a very active 2 weeks, as a series of storm systems swing through the South, roughly every 3 days.  There’s about 5 of these in the pipeline in the next 15 days, including 3 this week.

TODAY’S SEVERE THREAT:  A line of strong to severe storms will cross state this afternoon & tonight.  The main threat will be damaging wind gusts, 60+ mph, and up to quarter size hail.  The line may tend to begin weakening east of I-65.  Nevertheless, almost the entire state eastern half of the state is in the marginal severe risk.  Strongest threat is in the western half of the state, in the ‘slight” risk area.

FUTURE RADAR:  The line of storms enters the state by about lunch time and marches eastward through the afternoon and into the evening.  The greatest threat of damaging wind gusts will be within the line of storms.  The tornado threat is very, very small. Not quite zero, though. Our weather alert will alert you if watches and warnings are issued for your area.  Please allow push notifications, so that we can reach you on your smart phone and/or tablet.  Here are some future radar snapshots.


PARADE OF STORM SYSTEMS:  The storm systems are backed up all the way out into the Pacific ocean.  Today’s storm, will be the first of three in the week ahead.  Looks like the next two will affect us by Monday night and again Thursday night.   Both of these storm systems will likely involve more strong to severe storms.   The Thursday storm system impresses me the most out of the three.  And, more of the same is expected next week.


FUTURE SEVERE WEATHER THREATS:  From the Storm Prediction Center, here’s a look ahead to the severe weather threats for Sunday, Monday and Wednesday.


LATEST FUTURE RADAR LOOP:  This takes you through the afternoon & evening, ending at 10PM tonight.


Stay weather aware.  Keep checking our app.  I’ll keep you updated you as much as possible.  Tomorrow, there will be some spotty showers around, but no severe weather is expected Sunday.  Partly sunny with s high in the low 80’s.  Have a nice weekend.


Weekend Severe Threat Updated – Series of Storm Systems Ahead– Friday Video

Good Morning!  A series of 5 potentially potent storm systems will affect us over the next week or two. The first one, is tomorrow, with severe weather threat for much of the state. Damaging winds appears to be the main threat.  On this video, I will walk you through the details of the weekend forecast, plus a look ahead to a busy and active couple of weeks on our weather menu.  A lot of good information on your Friday morning weather briefing.

Severe Weather Threat covers most of the state Saturday and Saturday night.  The main threat would be damaging wind gusts.  Any tornado threat would be very small.  The strongest severe threat would be west of a line from about Birmingham to Greenville.

Here’s a few Future Radar Snapshots for Saturday

Close behind the Saturday storm system, is another storm system already in the Plains states which could affect us with strong thunderstorms Monday night, followed by yet another, perhaps more concerning storm system by next Thursday night.  A total of at least 5 storm systems will affect us next 16 days, each with a potential severe weather component.

I will  have a special LIVE streaming audio/video update from the Bluewater weather center at 10AM concerning the weekend severe threat and a look ahead to the busy week ahead.  Have a great Friday.  I’ll keep you up to date thgis weekend.