Cooler Air To The Rescue

The main player today will be a cool front sweeping through the state from the north and east.  The weekend temperatures will get progressively better, especially Sunday and Monday.  There could be a few isolated showers around today, but the front doesn’t have much moisture to work with.  Best chance (20%) through the afternoon & early evening.  Here’s a future radar afternoon snapshot.  I have the Football forecast for you farther down.

GUSTY WINDS:  Especially Sunday & Monday, brisk easterly winds at 10-20 will gust to 25 or higher at times, particularly in east and SE Alabama.  The temperature gradient will be coolest in the eastern counties, and warmest in the west.  For instance, Demopolis may get to 80, while Auburn may struggle to get to 72 Sunday.

NEXT FEW DAYS:  After 14 days straight of relentless heat, it will really feel nice next few days.  Rain chances will be about 20% Today and Monday.


FOOTBALL WEATHER:  in a word…comfortable.  Auburn starts at 5PM.. Could be isolated showers before the game, but then dry.  I think Tuscaloosa will be dry.  Winds will be a little brisk out of the east during the Auburn game, but not as strong in Tuscaloosa.

TROPICS:  Won’t say too much about the tropics on this post.  Nothing immediate to worry about.  The two Areas To Watch from NHC, have lower development expectations for now.  That Florida disturbance, Invest 99-L, could bring in some isolated tropical showers by Monday.  In general, though, the thing to watch will be the Caribbean and Gulf through the next 15 days.

Have a nice weekend.  I’ll keep you on top of the weather. Our weather app will come in handy.






Big Improvement Soon – Friday Video

Yesterday, with our high of 95,  was the 13th 90+ day in a row.  While today won’t be quite as hot, I think we will be near 90 again, unfortunately.  But, hang on!  The nicer air is on the way.  I’ll update the new numbers for the weekend and beyond.  It will feel nicer as the weekend progresses.  Be patient.  Any rain in our future?  It’s getting dry.  I’ll show how the tropics might help us out in the not too distant future.  Here’s your Friday morning personal weather briefing.

Yesterday’s front didn’t affect our temperatures hardly at all.  We will still be 90 today, but the second front tomorrow is the front which will make a much bigger difference.

The two NICEST days will be Sunday and Monday.  The coolest morning will be Monday AM.  The rain chances are small but not zero…  Moisture should mostly be confined to the Gulf.

National Hurricane Center is keeping tabs on Invest 99-L near Florida. Could this system become a depression over the weekend?

The GFS model shows the system first moving off the NE Florida coast, and then perhaps backing up and moving west into the Gulf.

We will have to watch the west Caribbean and the Gulf for the next 10 days and beyond.  The Euro model ensemble members show multiple possibilities from future tropical entities.  Stay tuned.

String of 90+ Degree Days Ends Today – Thursday Video

Today will be our 13th day in a row in the 90’s!  But I think that streak ends today.  I’ll update you on our path to improvement which begins tomorrow…and gradually, slowly gets better over the next 4 days.  I have the new numbers.  Plus, new question marks.  Will some pop up showers be around from time to time.  Plus, an update on the tropics, which need to be watched for the next 10 days and beyond.  Here’s your Thursday morning personal weather briefing.


Looks like another day of 90+ degrees today.  High at least around 92.  BUT, we will slowly start our path to improvement tomorrow.  Each day over the next 4 days will be a little better.  Two nicest days will ber Sunday & Monday.

National Hurricane Center is monitoring a disturbance which will affect Florida this weekend with very heavy rain as it moves northward.

Nice Change on The Horizon – Wednesday Video

The Hot 90’s are back with us today and tomorrow, but relief is on the way!  I’ll update you on that batch of nicer air we will be enjoying this weekend.  Any rain on the way?  It’s getting the dry.  We might need some help from the tropics.  Some possible Gulf mischief in the next 10 days.  We’re watching.  And, I will reflect of  the loss of a great man, our friend,  Dan Atkinson, who left this world yesterday.  I hope you have a couple of minutes to watch my video.

Hot again for two more days.   Lows to mid 90’s today, lower 90’s tomorrow.  But, then some nicer air just in time for the weekend.  Friday will be a tad cooler…but, Saturday & Sunday & Monday will be even nicer with, low humidity, comfortable days, a nice breeze and cooler nights.  Just what the doctor ordered.

We need some rain, but the rain prospects fro the next several days are awful.  Here’s the week ahead.

It might take some tropical help to get us some rain over the next 8-10 .  We will be closely monitoring the Caribbean and Gulf for the next several days.  We continue to see hints at some mischief soon.  Stay tuned!


Heat Relief Soon! – TUESDAY Video

Can you endure 3 more 90+ degree days?   Hang on!  Relief is on the way.  It will filter in – two stages – Friday and over the weekend…and it’s just what the doctor ordered.  I have updated the future, highs and lows…plus a look into the next 16 days.  Trouble in the tropics.  The Latest on Hurricane Maria’s encounter with the Carolina coast today, and question marks about another future area to watch.  It’s covered here in a concise couple of minutes on your Tuesday morning personal weather briefing.


More hot days ahead.  High today around 91.  Low tonight 70.  Mostly dry…Partly sunny.  AND, two more hot days Wednesday and Thursday, before our temperatures begin to cool off a bit.


Hurricane Maria makes a close encounter withe Carolina coast today, before she makes an extreme right turn and is picked up by a trough.

Tropical Storm Warnings continue for much of the North Carolina coast northward to Virginia Beach.

Over the next several days we will be monitoring the western Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico for possible future tropical development.