Big Storm System Ahead – Heavy Rainfall Totals Expected –– WEDNESDAY Video

Good Morning! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.   We another nice day to look forward to today, but hang on.  Big changes are quickly on the way.  We are headed into a wet & stormy series of days.  In fact, we could see periods of rain for five days into the New Year.  I’ll bring you up to date on the details.  The total rainfall amounts could be rather significant.  Could see some localized flooding.  We’ll look into the early part of the New Year.


Increasing clouds and mild today.  Comfortable.  High in the mid 60’s   Rain holds off until late tonight.

Are you ready?  Get ready.  Looks like rain for the better part of 5 days.  Maybe a few thunderstorms, too.

Major post Christmas storm will hamper travel from the Canadian border to the Gulf coast.

Rainfall totals over the next 7 days could be excessive.  Some places will see more than 5″ of rain.





MERRY CHRISTMAS!  This will be a very brief Christmas morning update.  We’ll updated the forecast today and the rest of Christmas week.  We have a significant storm system on the way, which could drop 4 to 6” of rain Thursday through the weekend.  We will look into this storm in more detail on your Wednesday morning weather video

TODAY:  There will be some high clouds, but we’ll see a good but of sunshine.  Call it, partly cloudy. After a morning low in the mid 30’s, afternoon High 63.  (Normal high 58).  Partly cloudy tonight.  Lo 42.


THE NEXT FEW DAYS:  Much of Wednesday will be dry and very mild.  There will be some sun, but clouds will increase late day and rain is a good bet by Wednesday  night. Rain and perhaps some thunderstorms are likely Thursday and Friday.   A very good chance of lingering showers will drench the area this weekend, too.


SIGNIFICANT STORM  SYSTEM APPROACHING:  Briefly, this approaching storm will be a pretty big deal.  Rain is likely for several days, especially Thursday through Sunday.  Very heavy rainfall totals are expected.  Seven day totals of 4 to 6” are possible.

We’ll have to monitor the potential for severe weather l in the Thursday/Friday timeframe.  Right now, it looks like the best chance of severe weather will be closer to the Gulf coast.  I’ll get into more detail on this potential on your weather video tomorrow morning.

No video this morning. But, there WILL be a video online tomorrow morning at 4:45AM.  I hope you have a great holiday.  MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your family!


Big Post Christmas Storm System –– CHRISTMAS EVE Video

Good Morning on a chilly Christmas Eve Morning!  I’ll update you on the holiday forecast details, but we’ll also look ahead to a rather big post-Christmas storm system which affect Holiday Travel for many, and bring potentially very rain totals to Alabama.  I’ll show you how much rain could fall, and how long the storm system may linger.  It could be around for several days.

Cool sunshine but a nice day today.  It’ll be a day much like Saturday, with highs in the upper 50’s.  The Christmas forecast is shaping up nice.   Chill start in the mid 30s around Dawn, but a nice recovery to a high around 63,   The low Christmas night will be in the mid 40’s.


We are dry through Wednesday, but the rain risk begins late Wednesday night, and the rain threat continues perhaps through most of the New Years weekend.

This massive post Christmas storm system will not only drench us, it will have wide ranging implications for holiday travelers for the entire eastern half of the nation.


Drenching rains are expected here.  In fact, this map is rather conservative compared to other model forecasts.  Many spots could see 4-5″ in the next 7 days.

ATTENTION SANTA:  Excellent very bright Space Station Flyover, extremely early Christmas morning well before dawn.






SUNDAY UPDATE:  Warmer Today – Nice Christmas Forecast  – Big Post-Christmas Storm

We had a beautiful Saturday, with sunshine and 58°. Today will be warmer, with increasing clouds, as a weak front approaches, and only a small rain chance.  The Christmas Eve and Christmas Day forecast continues to shape up very nicely.  But, we do have our eyes on a large and significant storm system which will dominate late Christmas week with drenching rains.  This will be the start of a very active period with frequent storm systems.

TODAY:  Increasing clouds, becoming mostly cloudy.  A weak, fast moving front could touch of a few showers.  Rain chances are generally 20%.  Very comfortable. High today mid 60’s.  Behind the front, it will become partly cloudy later tonight.  Overnight low 38.

Future Radar gives you sense of how widely separated the showers will be today.

NEXT FEW DAYS:  We have a great holiday forecast.  Monday will be very much like Saturday.  Sunshine.  High in the upper 50’s.  No snow, Santa, but on Christmas Eve we will dip into the middle 30’s.  The Christmas Day forecast continues to look great –  Partly cloudy.  High near 63°.  Big changes ahead after Christmas.   A major storm system will affect the area Wednesday night, through Thursday into part of Friday.  Lots of rain, potentially heavy.


No snow, BUT, a very nice Christmas forecast.

POST-CHRISTMAS STORM:  A major Post Christmas storm system will affect a huge part of country from Canada to the Gulf coast, causing more travel nightmares for folks returning  home.  For Alabama, no snow and ice, but a lot of rain.  Some models suggest 2-3”+ is not out of the question.  But, severe weather is not expected.  It looks like this storm will be the first on a fast series of storms which will affect the area in the next two weeks, including New Years weekend and New Years week.

FULL MOON AND MORE:  Did you see that spectacular Full “cold” Moon last night?  It will be visible again later tonight, after the clouds decrease. There will be yet another very bright Space Station Flyover early morning, just after 6AM, if you’re up early.  There’s another very bright flyover Christmas morning, straight overhead, 5:12 to 5:15AM

I will produce a brief video update Christmas Eve  morning, with an update on the Christmas Forecast, and more details on that big Post Christmas storm system which will impact holiday travel.


WEEKEND UPDATE:  Sunshine Returns – Christmas Forecast Details “Tweaked”

Sunshine makes a big return today!  After a damp, windy & cold Friday, temperatures will make a nice recovery, with far less wind.  In fact, we’ll even be warmer tomorrow as highs reach the 60’s   While there could be a stray shower or two Sunday, the forecast through Christmas will be storm-free, and pretty nice.  But, a significant storm system could be a headache for travelers heading home after the holiday.

TODAY:  After a chilly morning, sunshine should help boost temperatures close to the upper 50’s this afternoon, which is exactly normal.  Winds will be much lighter – westerly at 5-11 mph.  Low tonight 38.

NEXT FEW DAYS:   Sunday will be mild with highs in the mid 60’s  A weak cool front could touch off a couple of isolated showers.  Otherwise we should be dry through Christmas Day.  I have adjusted the highs and lows downward just a bit.

CHRISTMAS FORECAST:  We’ve had all kinds of wild Christmas day weather from hot to cold, flooding, and tornadoes.  This year, however will be rather quiet and rather nice, for a change.

POST-CHRISTMAS:  Just a heads up.  We’ll be dealing with a big deal storm system Christmas week.  The best chance of showers and storms will begin some Wednesday night and continue through the end of the week.  The main threat will be heavy rainfall.  A few thunderstorms area also possible.  Fortunately, no ice or snow will be involved.  Right now, no severe weather is expected, but this storm system will have a major impact on holiday travel.

– –

I’ll keep you up to date with any changes throughout Christmas weekend.  Have a great Saturday!   Enjoy the sunshine.  Merry Christmas