Nice String of Days Ahead – Hotter This Weekend – THURSDAY Video

Good Morning!   What a nice change today, as the month of April finally comes to an end.   This month ends on a breezy, cooler note.  Jackets will be needed tonight.  But, get ready for a little summer preview this weekend.  We should stay storm-free and quiet for the next several days.  What about next week? When is the next rain?  Are we in for another cool-down?  We’ll look ahead through Mid May.


Noticeably cooler today.  Breezy.  CHILLY tonight.

Jacket weather tonight.  It’s late in the ballgame for temperatures like this.  Normal high is 80, normal low is 55.

That heat in the plains states will migrate eastward over the weekend.  A big upper ridge will build over the Gulf South.


Great string of storm-free days.  NICE Weekend Forecast.  Summer preview.  Near 90 Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

Will we reach 90 for the first time this year Sunday?  We’ll certainly be in the neighborhood.

Much cooler air arrives in the middle of next week, again…

WEDNESDAY PM: Decreased Severe Risk Today – Quick Cool-down Thursday – Hotter Weekend

11:30 AM UPDATE:

Good news. Today’s Severe Weather Risk has decreased quite a bit. Now The Storm Prediction Center shows just a Level Marginal Risk from about I-65 eastward for this afternoon. Damaging wind gusts are still possible in a couple of stronger storms. 



Get ready for a big change.  A cool front will sweep through Alabama today.  A band of strong to severe storms will precede the front.  Damaging wind gusts are the main threat.  The risk begins this morning, and exits the state by early evening.  Much cooler air sweeps in behind the front for Thursday and Thursday night.  But, the big cool-down will not last long. How about an early sample of summer heat over the weekend?  It will feel like June.  I’ll update the details of another storm-free weekend.  And, we’ll look ahead deep into the month of May. There’s evidence of another big cool-down ahead.

Strong cold front will bring a band of strong to severe storms into the state today, then much cooler tomorrow.

LEVEL 2 Severe Risk today.  MAIN threat is damaging wind gusts.  The tornado threat is small but not zero.

Strong storms begin this morning and spread across the state through mid-day and well into the afternoon.


A quick shot of much cooler air funnels into the state Thursday and Thursday night.

CHILLY Friday morning, but quick warming Friday and Saturday.  Teasing 90 degrees Sunday and Monday.

Summer preview this weekend.

String of Nice Days Ends Today – Wednesday Severe Weather Threat – TUESDAY Video

Good Morning!  Our extended string of storm-free days ends today.  We’re headed for the 80’s today, but get ready for a big change. Showers and storms will spread across the area Wednesday.  Once again, some storms could reach severe limits with damaging wind gusts.  Tornadoes are possible.  Much cooler air will funnel into the state Thursday.  But, not for long.  Are you ready for a summer preview?  The weekend will feel a lot more like June than May.  We’re in for a temperature rollercoaster for the next couple of weeks.

Final day in this string of nice days.  Warmer today.  Low to mid 80’s.

Powerful storm system will affect Alabama on Wednesday as showers and storms return.

Strong to severe storms Wednesday.  Damaging wind gusts are the main threat.  Tornadoes are possible.  Main time window Noon to 6PM.

Showers and strong storms Wednesday.  Breezy and much cooler Thursday.  Warmer Friday.  Hotter this weekend.  A little summer preview.

Much cooler air will briefly engulf thew state Thursday behind the storm system.

But, the cool will fade quickly.  We’ll heat up quickly this weekend as an upper ridge builds.

Sunday will feel more like June than May.

The rollercoaster ride continues next week.  Another shot of cooler air is on the menu.

Beautiful Start to the Week – Severe Weather Wednesday-MONDAY Video

Good Morning!  Jacket weather this morning.  But, what great day we have ahead of us.  Tuesday will be warmer. We’ve enjoyed several storm-free days in a row.  But, alas, it looks like we will have to deal with one final Severe Weather Risk on Wednesday.  I have the updated threat level from the Storm Prediction Center and we’ll look at timing.  How about a little taste of summer heat by the weekend?  Wait until you see the projected highs. Will it be another storm-free weekend?


Picture postcard perfect today.  After a chilly start…nice afternoon warming.  Jacket weather again tonight.

Yet another severe weather threat on Wednesday.  Damaging wind gusts appears to be the main threat.  A non-zero tornado risk.

ONE storm system this week on Wednesday.  Cooler Thursday.  But then we heat up over the weekened.

A big upper Level Ridge builds by Saturday.  Could we break 90 degrees over the weekend?  Maybe low 90’s by Sunday?  Another storm-free weekend ahead.

SUNDAY UPDATE:   Cooler Days – Chilly Nights – Nice String of Days

The last two Sunday’s were busy and dangerous.  Today will be tranquil, nice, and pleasantly cooler.  After 84 yesterday, we’ll be at least 10 degrees cooler today.  Nights will be chilly.  We’ll be in the 40’s tonight.

The storm-free pattern continues for at least a few more days.  But, the next storm system on Wednesday could possibly bring a round of stronger storms to Alabama.

TODAY:  Sunshine will dominate.   Cool day.  High 74.  (Normal high 79, normal low 54).  Breezy this afternoon.  North wind 10 to 20 mph.  Clear, chilly tonight.  Jacket weather.  Low 46.

WEDNESDAY STORM SYSTEM:  An approaching front will bring round of storms to the state Wednesday.  It’s not out of the question that we could see some strong to severe storms.  It’s too early to say if it will be severe weather day.  That should be the only storm system of the week.   Next weekend looks storm-free again.

NEXT FEW DAYS:  Nice Monday and Tuesday.  Warming trend.  Low 80’s by Tuesday.  Showers and thunderstorms Wednesday.  Nice weather returns Thursday.

LONGER RANGE:  Models hint at some much warmer temperatures during the first full week of May…after next weekend, as a big ridge of high pressure builds in the upper atmosphere.

Yesterday was a simply beautiful day at the Park.  PERFECT weather.  Chase and I are headed back there today.

I’ll have a complete video update for you Monday morning, posted by 4:45AM

Stay safe and well. Enjoy this beautiful string of days…