FRIDAY Video: Weekend Improvement – Cold Front Arrives Next Week

 Good Morning!   The Remnants of Beta will depart Alabama today.  Look for slow improvement today, and we pretty nice weekend ahead of us.  For a change, there are no tropical systems to worry about, at the moment.  Looks like an important cool front will enter the state early next week and deliver a batch some really nice air for much of next week.  On this video, I’ll fill in the details.   

As Beta Exits….our weather will improve.

Clouds early five way to sun. Could be a stray shower later.

Important cold front arrives early next week.

Much cooler, nice air will follow the front.

Nice Fall Air Ahead. Don’t take these numbers literally. This is just raw model output.

For a change, the Tropics are quiet….for now…

THURSDAY Video: Beta’s Remnants Will Bring Tropical Downpours – Few Strong Storms

   Good Morning!   Last week it was Sally.  Today another tropical system will have a big impact on our Weather.  The remnants of Beta will track from Mississippi northeast through Alabama.  Tropical rain bands will affect the state.  There will be occasional tropical downpours.  We certainly rule out a few spin up tornadoes.  By tomorrow, though, Beta’s rains will move out of the state.  What about the weekend?   I have adjusted the rain chances.  And, hang on!   Looks like a significant cold front will deliver much cooler air by the middle of next week. An important cold front.  

Because we are on Beta’s easts side, a few tropical tornadoes are possible.

Beta’s Tropical “tentacles” or rain bands will effect the state today with Tropical Downpours at times.

After Beta moves out of the way…should be a decent weekend. More showers & storms Monday night into Tuesday as an important cold front approaches.

Strong Cold Front early in the week. Much cooler by mid to late week.

This is just raw model data so you never take the numbers latterly. We’re just looking a trends here…. We like what we see for mid to late week.

TUESDAY Blog Update: First Day of Fall will Feel like Fall! – Beta will Bring Rain to Alabama Later This Week

**PLEASE forgive me.  Due to an extreme migraine headache this morning, I had to shift gears and produce a blog update instead or a video.  A Blog can be produced in half the time.  Please bear with me. Thank you.  

Good morning!  Welcome to the first day of Fall. Today’s first day of Fall will feel a lot like the last day of summer…comfortably cool, with a nice breeze and dry.  Considerable cloudiness will be the product of high clouds streaming off of tropical storm Beta in the west Gulf.  More on Beta and it’s future effects on our weather below. 

TODAY: Considerable high cloudiness from Beta.  Pleasantly cool.  Breezy again with East wind 11 to 16 mph.  High 76.  Low tonight 62.

TROPICAL STORM BETA:  Beta is a minimal Tropical Storm with winds of 40 mph expected to stall on the Texas coast near Port O’Connor.   It will then be picked up and slide northeastward as a Depression through Louisiana and Mississippi through Thursday night, dumping heavy rainfall amounts.

BETA’S RAIN WILL MOVE EAST: Beta will be a tropical depression by mid-week.  We’ll be on the wet side f the system.  Expect a round f of occasional tropical downpours Wednesday night through Friday and some lingering showers Saturday.

NEXT FEW DAYS:  Dry and comfortable today.  Risk of isolated showers Wednesday.  But, look for an increasing chance of showers and storms and heavy downpours.  We’ll be on the east side of Tropical Depression Beta’s track. We’ll be back in the 80’s Friday through Sunday. 

Most areas should see 1-3″ Rainfall amounts from BETA

AUTUMNAL EQUINOX:  Fall officially arrives this morning at 8:31 AM CDT.  Equinox means equal day and equal night at the equator.  Here, it’s not exactly equal but kinda close.  Sunrise at 6:33 AM  an sunset at 6:41 PM. 

ELSEWHERE IN THE TROPICS:  Large, dangerous Teddy continues to be the star of the show, as it makes a steady trek toward the Canadian maritime provinces.  Wilfred is dead and off the map.  The remnants of Paulette have re-intensified into and eastern Atlantic tropical storm. There is also an area  to watch near the Florida Keys.

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I promise, we’ll be back to a regular video schedule first thing tomorrow morning.  Bear with me as I try to cope with this series of migraines.  Thanks for understanding. 


Comfortable Last Day of Summer – Watching Beta’s Future Track by Late Week – MONDAY Video

Welcome to the last day of summer.  Fall officially begins Tuesday morning.  The first couple of days of this week will be cool, comfortable and dry.  Meanwhile, we continue to monitor the future of Tropical Storm Beta in the western Gulf.  Model trends shows Beta migrating towards us later in the week.  That could bring some tropical downpours to the state by Wednesday evening, through the end of the week, and possibly part of the weekend.  What else are we tracking in the tropics?  Is there anything which could be a threat to the United States?

Pleasantly cool air is in place on this last day of summer. Breezy, comfortable and dry.

Nice Day today
Great First day of Fall tomorrow. Tropical moisture from Beta will begin to effect us by Wednesday night through Thursday and Friday. Tropical downpours.

Tropical Storm BETA will tease the Texas and LA coasts for the next few days, before turning northeastward toward the Mississippi river, probably as a Tropical Depression.

TEDDY is the BIG BOY on the map. An Extremely dangerous hurricane which will be affecting the Canadian Maritime providences.

PLEASE BEAR WITH ME… I’m dealing with a new BLOG editor this morning, and a lot of the easy convenient features I’m used to are gone forever. 🙂 Bear with me. I’ll get the hang of it in a few weeks/months.


SUNDAY UPDATE:  Summer Ends on a Cool Note – How Could Tropical Storm Beta Effect Alabama Later This Week?

Good morning!  We have been enjoying some very comfortable temperatures on this last full weekend of Summer.  We should be in the very comfortable mid 70’s again today, and on the last day of summer, Monday.  Nights continue pleasantly cool.

We continue to watch very slow moving Beta.  It is still possible that the moisture from Beta could affect us later in the week.  Meanwhile, the clouds above us for the next several days are a product of Tropical Storm Beta.

TROPICAL STORM BETA:  Beta is undergoing a little shear tis morning.  It’s a 60 mph Tropical Storm, 205 miles SE of Galveston, moving west at 3.  A hurricane watch continues on the on the Texas coast.  A Tropical Storm Warning continues for part of the TX and LA coast.  Beta will tease the Texas coast for a few days with very heavy rainfall.  Then, it will curve northeastward and eastward into LA.  The cone of uncertainty now touches the west Alabama border.

TODAY:  Sunshine mixed with high clouds.  Should be dry.  High in the mid 70’s again.  (We had a high of 74 Saturday).   Nice breeze!  (East wind at 11 to18 mph)   Upper 50’s tonight.

NEXT FEW DAYS:   Pleasantly cool and comfortable.  Highs in the 70s and lows in the 50’s through Wednesday.  Chance of showers from Beta by Tuesday and Thursday and Friday.  Details on how Beta might effect us are still fuzzy.

ELSEWHERE IN THE TROPICS:   Obviously, extremely dangerous Cat. 3 Teddy is still very much the star of the show.  Even though it will miss the U.S., large swells and surf will continue to batter the east coast.  Teddy will effect the Canadian Maritime providences on Tuesday evening.  And, it could still be a Tropical Storm when it approaches Greenville.  Also, there is weak Tropical Storm Wilfred, and post tropical cyclone Paulette.  Close to the Florida coast is an Area to Watch with a small chance of development.

FALL BEGINS TUESDAY:  Monday is the last day of summer, officially.  Tuesday Fall begins.  It’s the Autumnal equinox, when the direct rays of the sun cross the Equator.  Equinox meaning equal day and equal night.  Fall officially begins at 8:30AM CDT.

I’ll have a complete video Monday morning. There may be additional updates today as needed.  Stay safe and well. Enjoy your Sunday.