Thunderstorms Ending Tonight – Freeze Watch Issued for Thursday Night

New Severe thunderstorm watch for south Alabama until 7PM

FREEZE WATCH issued for Thursday Night


As expected, a Severe Thunderstorm Watch is in effect until 5PM for much of central & south Alabama. Damaging wind gusts up to 70 mph is possible, along with hail up to ping pong size. A couple of tornadoes can’t be ruled out. A line of strong thunderstorms will move southward across the area ahead of a strong cold front. Some storms will reach severe limits. Be weather aware. Our weather app will instantly alert you to a warning for your location.


  Good Morning!   Get ready for big changes.  A strong cold front sweeps through the state today.  A line of strong/severe storms will precede the front.  It will turn sharply colder behind the front.  Get ready for a significant late season cool snap.  Attention Alabama growers:  Frost is a strong likelihood Friday and maybe even Saturday morning.  On this video, I’ll tell you about a nearly perfect Easter Sunday Forecast.

Strong Cold front sweeps through the state today. A line of strong/severe storms will precede the front.  Level 2 Severe Weather Risk. It will turn sharply colder behind the front. 

Level 2 Severe Weather Risk. Damaging wind gusts 60+mph is the main risk. Hail possible. Couple of tornadoes can’t be ruled out. Watches and warnings are a good bet.

SHARPLY Colder tonight and only in the 50’s on a windy Thursday. Late season cold-snap shocker.

Frost likely Friday & Saturday morning. Near freezing perhaps in Montgomery Friday morning. The record is 30 from 1881.

Beautiful Easter weekend. Nearly perfect Easter Sunday.

Too cool for the Beach this weekend with lows in the 40’s and highs in the 60’s, but at least the sun is out.

After this Cool-snap, big warming next week. We’re back in the 80’s

TUESDAY Video: Strong Storms Wednesday – Significant Late Week “Cool Snap” – Patchy Frost

  Good Morning!   Weather changes are on the way.  Scattered storms are back in the forecast today.  A strong Cold Front will bring a round of strong storms to the state Wednesday.  Get ready for a sharp late season Cold Snap.  It won’t last long, but we could be in the 30’s for three mornings.  We may tease a record low Good Friday morning with frost. But, on this video, I’ll bring you details of what looks like a spectacular Easter forecast. 

Warmer today. Scattered PM storms are possible.

Strong cold front brings strong to severe storms Wednesday afternoon. Level 2 risk, now.. Damaging wind gusts area the main risk. A tornado or two can’t be ruled out.

Sharply cooler air flows in for Thursday. Highs only in the 50’s. Normal high is 74.

Showers and storms Wednesday. Sharply cooler Thursday. Patchy frost and near record low Friday AM. Warmer by Saturday and Easter Sunday PM.

The Montgomery Record Low Friday morning is 33 from 1992. We’ll be close. Frosty morning.

Spectacular Easter Sunday.

After the BRIEF but significant cool-snap….look for significant warming to start Easter Sunday and continue all next week.

Nice Monday – Strong Storms Wednesday – Patchy Frost Friday AM

  Good Morning!   Today will be very nice day.  A great start to the week.  It will be much cooler than the weekend.  Scattered thunderstorms return tomorrow.  But, it appears, the main event of this week will be Thursday.  A Cold Front will bring another round of strong, possibly severe storms to our state.  Then, get ready for sharply cooler air by late week.  Patchy frost is possible by Friday morning.  I’ll bring you up to speed on the details on this video.

NICE day today. Much cooler than the weekend, but sunshine will dominate.

Strong cold front will bring another round of strong storms to the state Wednesday. Marginal Severe Weather Risk. Damaging winds will be the main threat.

Scattered showers & storms Tuesday. Locally strong/severe storms Wednesday as a strong cold front moves through. Sharply much cooler Thursday. Late season cool-snap. Mid 30’s Friday morning with frost. A little warmer by Easter Sunday.

Rare late season Deep Chill Friday morning. Freeze for north Alabama. Patchy frost central & south. Very late in the season for this.

After the COOL Easter weekend, much warmer NEXT week.

SUNDAY UPDATE: Line of Strong Storms Today – Much Cooler Monday – More Storms Wednesday

Good Morning!  We’ll be tracking a line of storms advancing southward, across the state, along a cold front, today.  The line of storms will reach central Alabama by lunchtime and out of the state by sunset.  Much cooler air follows. Yesterday’s high was 86.  We’ll be in the 40’s tonight.  Monday’s high will barely reach 70.

     Looks like the main event this week will be Wednesday.  An approaching cold front will bring some strong thunderstorms into the state.  It’s possible some storms will be severe.  However, this will not be anything like the magnitude of the Severe Outbreaks on March 17 and March 25. 

    Much cooler air will follow.  We may fall to the middle 30’s by Friday morning.  What a big change! 

SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WATCH: This morning, a narrow severe thunderstorm watch continues in effect for 8 north central Alabama counties until 10AM. 60 mph wind gusts and quarter size hail is possible. A brief tornado can’t be ruled out.

TODAY:  A Line of thunderstorms will move southward to central Alabama by lunchtime and reach southeast Alabama by late afternoon.  A few storms could be strong, possibly severe.  We are in a Marginal Severe Weather Risk today.  Damaging wind gusts are the main risk.  It appears the tornado risk in this situation is very low.

Here’s a few Future Radar snapshots.  This will help you plan your day. 

Very breezy today.  Winds shifting to the NW after the front passes your location.  High 78.  Colder tonight.  Low 45.

NEXT FEW DAYS:  Much cooler Monday.  Nice day.  High 70.  Risk of thunderstorms returns Tuesday afternoon.  Showers and storms likely Wednesday.  Perhaps strong/severe.  MUCH cooler Thursday.  High barely 60.  Mid 30’s by Friday morning.

Here’s the set-up on Wednesday.  Thunderstorms become likely.   It’s possible some storms will be severe.  This does not appear to be a major tornado day, like we experienced on March 17 and March 25.   Much cooler air will follow the front.

After the late week cold snap, look for a major warming trend later on during that first week of April. 

TORNADO SURVEYS CONTINUE:  Ten tornadoes have now been surveyed by National Weather Service Birmingham, including five strong tornadoes (EF-2 or higher).  (One EF-3). 

The Surveys for the Chilton-Coosa tornado, and the Clay/Randolph tornadoes are interesting.  Both were strong EF-2’s after 9PM.  They were part of the same parent supercell thunderstorm, which went on to spawn the EF-4 tornado which destroyed Newnan, GA. At Midnight.  Here’s a link to the latest surveys.

POLLEN:  The folks at have us in the medium-high region today and the high pollen range on Monday.


I’ll have a complete video update tomorrow morning. Stay weather aware for a few strong storms today.


SATURDAY UPDATE: Warm Weekend – More Strong Storms Sunday

  Good Morning!  A warm front has advanced northward to the Tennessee border.  That will lead to very warm & humid day to day.  High in the 80’s

    But, a strong front, moving across the state on Sunday, will bring yet another round of strong storms to Alabama.  Another Severe Weather Threat.  This time, though, the tornado risk is low.  The main threat is damaging wind gusts.

TODAY:  More clouds than sun.  Warm & humid for March.  Summer-like.) High in the mid 80’s. (normal high 72)  Small risk of showers (maybe a thunderstorm?) today and tonight.  Low tonight 67. (Full “Worm” Moon Tonight)

OUCH. It will feel VERY humid today. Dewpoints will be near 70 in central and south Alabama. Sticky. June-like warmth.

The main severe weather threat stays northwest of us today. Here’s the severe weather threat today through 7AM Sunday morning.

SUNDAY:  Marginal Severe Weather Risk.  A cold front will advance through the state.  Some stronger, possible servere storms are possible, as a line of storms sweeps across the area.  Damaging winds are the main risk, this time.  Looks like a very low-end tornado threat.  High 78.  Much cooler Sunday night.  Lows will fall to the 40’s.

 Here’s the Severe Weather Risk Map.  The line of storms will reach the Birmingham Metro between 6 and 9AM,  Montgomery area between 12 and 2PM, and southeast Alabama by about 5 and 6PM.

For those of you asking specific timing questions for specific times for tomorrow’s strong storms….this map will help.

NEXT FEW DAYS:  Risk of strong storms Sunday.  Much cooler Monday.  Much of Monday will be nice.  High near 70.  Small rain risk.  Showers and storms by late Tuesday into Wednesday.  Can’t rule out some strong/severe storms Wednesday.  MUCH cooler Thursday.  We may be in the 30’s by Thursday night.

Here’s the set-up on Wednesday.

Check out some of the ups and downs in the next 10 days.   Warmest day today.  MUCH cooler, low 60’s Thursday.  Upper 30’s Friday morning. 

POLLEN COUNT: According to…high pollen count today.

TORNADO SURVEYS FROM MARCH 25th CONTINUE:  Tornado surveys from last Thursday’s horrific and deadly tornado outbreak will continue for several days. So far, one EF-3, one EF-2, three EF-1’s and one EF-0 have been surveyed.  The EF-3, shortly after 1PM, affected Shelby & Saint Clair County. That cell went on to cause the fatalities in Calhoun county. The other strong tornado (EF-2) was in Pickens county.  Here’s a link to the ongoing surveys from the NWS Birmingham. Strongest tornado surveyed so far was over in Georgia. Newnan, GA., just SW of Atlanta had a devastating EF-4 tornado with 170 mph wind.

WEATHER APP SEVERE ALERTS ISSUES: We have an excellent weather app. It is managed NOT BY US, but the instant Severe Weather Alerts come from folks who manage the app at IBM. Apparently, their system was overwhelmed with the volume of severe weather Thursday and March 17th. Apparently, some alerts did not reach the app. They have PROMISED this problem will NOT happen again.

Here’s the reply from IBM…the folks who manage our APP:

• Last night’s issues with non-delivered and delayed alerts was caused by their servers being overwhelmed with the volume of alerts coming in from NWS.

• The issues were across-the-board, potentially affecting all devices regardless of platform.

• The issue was discovered too late to correct it in the moment, but when they added capacity toward the end of the event, a backlog was triggered, resulting in the delivery of old alerts.

• This occurred after a reconfiguration of how the alerting platform works. They say they thought they had tested thoroughly, but admitted that was incorrect.

• They are reconfiguring their alerting platform again to add additional capacity and to introduce dedicated servers to handle individual tasks to avoid recurrence.

• They are stress-testing after adding that new capacity.

• They are alerting support team members to be on heightened awareness around large-scale severe weather events.

HOPEFULLY THIS ISSUE WILL NOT SURFACE AGAIN! Most stations use the IBM managing system for their Apps. Thank you for your understanding. It’s NOT US.


There will be another blog update in the morning.  Have a nice weekend!