Scattered Showers – Much of the Weekend Dry – Active Next Week – FRIDAY Video

Good Morning!  A stalled front in the state today will be focus of a few scattered showers.  But, weekend news is not bad.  Saturday is dry and comfortable.  Much of Sunday looks dry.  But, get ready for a rather active pattern ahead.  The first wave of showers and thunderstorms move into the area Sunday night.  Then, look for waves of showers and storms at times next week.  As you will see on this video, rainfall amounts could be rather excessive, and some storms could be strong to severe at times.

That stalled front draped through the state will be the focus for s few scattered showers and maybe a thunderstorm today and tonight. Warm day.

Much of the weekend will be dry until Sunday night. Sunday night is the start of a rather active few days.

The SPC Sunday Severe outlook (through 7AM Monday) includes the western part of our state. Level 2 risk covers Mississippi.

Starting Sunday night we get into a VERY active pattern for much of the week ahead.

Rainfall amounts over the next 6 days could be rather excessive in spots.

Here’s your weekend beach forecast. Next week will be rather stormy at times on the coast.

Front Approaches – Risk of Showers & Thunderstorms Returning – THURSDAY Video

Good Morning!  Today will be dry and warm.  But, an approaching front will bring the risk of showers and thunderstorms back to the forecast overnight tonight.  But, what about the weekend?  The news is pretty good for much of the weekend.  There are new wrinkles as we look at the early part of next week.  I’ll update the details and we’ll check the Beach Forecast, too. 

Very warm for late April again today. Dry today. Risk of showers and storms arrives overnight tonight.

Risk of showers and thunderstorms Friday. I’m optimistic about Saturday. Should be dry. Chance of showers and thunderstorms returning by late Sunday and Sunday night. Showers and thunderstorms Monday and Tuesday.

Here’s the updated Beach Forecast. Gulf water temperature is now 70.

Just Like Summer – Late Week Storm System – Weekend Update – WEDNESDAY Video

Good Morning!  Our string of storm-free days is not over yet.  Each day is getting a little warmer.  Today will be more like late May or early June.  A frontal system is on the way.  Showers and thunderstorms will arrive in the overnight hours Thursday, and the front will move through the state Friday.  There are still a few question marks about the weekend, but the overall weekend news is not bad.  We’ll also check out the Beach, the pollen forecast and a look ahead to what we might expect in the month of May.

Yesterday we were in the mid 80’s . Today we’re headed for the upper 80’s. The Calendar says April, but today will be like the end of May. Still storm-free.

Feeling like a taste of summer.

Showers and thunderstorms Thursday night and Friday. Not Severe. Still some question marks about the weekend, but I’m a little more optimistic about Saturday. Risk of more showers by Sunday afternoon & Monday.

Looks like NO jackets are required for the next 10 days. Are we done with jackets?

The Gulf water temperature is stuck at 69.

The folks at say we may get a little break by about Saturday.

I’m not a fan on monthly or seasonal outlooks, but just for fun…here’s what CPC says about May.

Summer-like Warmth in April – Late Week Storm System – TUESDAY Video

Good Morning!  It’s still April, but it’s going to feel more and more like summer over the next 2-3 days.  And, it looks like our storm-free pattern continues through Thursday.  A late week storm system will bring showers and thunderstorms back to the state.  There are new question marks about the weekend weather details.  The models are not in agreement.  I’ll do my best to sort it out for you.  And, we’ll look back.  Today is the 10th Anniversary of the most tragic weather event in Alabama history and the biggest tornado day in United States history.

High pressure Ridge in the upper Atmosphere will promote a very warm almost summer-like Wednesday.

Discrepancies in the weekend forecast. Models don’t agree. For instance, the GFS shows another nice Sunday. Dry. The Euro is much wetter. Same discrepancy for Monday.

Storm-free through Thursday and almost summer-like. Showers and thunderstorms Thursday night into Friday. Question marks about the weekend. Right now I’ll keep the rain chance on the low side.

Warm through Thursday. Cooler over the weekend. Another warm-up next week.

This is the 10 year anniversary of the worst weather tragedy in Alabama history, and the biggest tornado day in US History. In Alabama 62 people lost their lives and 252 people were killed. Here’s a look back at that tragic day in our history.

SUNDAY UPDATE: Nice Sunday – Major Warming Trend This Week

Good Morning!  It was a very wild Saturday across the South and especially here in Alabama, from two rounds of severe weather.  Today will be a nice contrast in the wake of the storm system.

     We have a nice, extended-streak storm-free days ahead, at least through Wednesday.  There will be a late week storm system.  Details are a little fuzzy.  More below.

TODAY:  Partly sunny this morning. Mostly sunny later.  Breezy.  North winds at 10 to 20 mph.  High 77.  Clear, cool…Low 52 tonight.  Another nice Sunday, after a wild Saturday. 

Here’s the map set-up today.  Stormy day in Florida with the front that brought the storms yesterday.  We’re on the east side of high pressure.  Breezy day.

TALLADEGA TODAY: Talladega had stormy Saturday. Winds gusted to 46 mph late yesterday afternoon in a severe thunderstorm. No hail. Today, thankfully will be much nicer for the Geico 500 which starts at 1PM. Clouds through mid morning , then gradual clearing. Breezy. High 73.

NEXT FEW DAYS:  Storm-free through Wednesday.  Significant warming trend.  We’ll be in the 80’s Tuesday through Thursday.  Showers and storms are possible by Thursday night into Friday.  Timing is still a question, that’s why the rain chances are on the small side.

Will the late week storm system be severe?  Maybe. Maybe not.  Details are still a little “muddy”.  Stay tuned.  We’ll know more tomorrow.

A profile of the next 10 days shows a series of very warm days.

WILD SEVERE WEATHER SATURDAY:  Numerous Severe Weather Reports from two rounds of severe weather Saturday.  Including 5 tornado reports, 77 large hail, 8 reports of baseball size or larger and 97 wind damage reports. (These are preliminary from SPC).   Here’s a cool interactive map.  You can zoom in and click on specific storm reports.

POLLEN:  Three of the next five days will be in the medium to high range.  So, Pollen is still an issue.  Thanks to the folks at

I’ll have a complete video update tomorrow morning.  Have a nice Sunday!